Make Reservations

All reservations should be made through PPPL's contracted travel agency, Graycar Travel.  Follow these steps to ensure a smooth start to your trip.


checkmark smTravel Profile

It is recommended that every traveler complete a Microsoft Office document iconTravel Profile Form for the PPPL Travel Office to have on file. Your profile includes your preferences for airlines, hotels and car rentals as well as any rewards program identification numbers.  Information will be stored in the travel database for reference on future trips.

checkmark smReservations

Preferred Method: Graycar Travel

  • PPPL Travel Office will review your submitted Travel Approval Form, determine whether all criteria have been successfully met and approve your travel plans.
  • Reservations will be made based on the information you submitted and emailed to you for review and consent.
  • Upon mutual agreement on the reservations, the Travel Office will email you an electronic receipt.

Visa and Passports:

Click here to  review the travel document website for assistance with passports and visas.

Review the specific requirements for the country you are visiting to see if a visa is required.

The Travel Office will submit your documentation for visas and passports, if applicable.

Please make an appointment with the Travel Office to review your documentation and process your request.

If you need any assistance, please request an appointment with the Travel Office (