Guest Travel

For those traveling at the request of PPPL

  • Non-employees traveling at the Laboratory's request may be reimbursed for their travel costs and expenses.
  • Office spreadsheet iconTravel Approval Request Form imust be completed and signed by an account signatory. 
  • In addition to complying with the PPPL Travel Guidelines, the following special guidelines will apply.


Non-employees are those individuals who are not laboratory employees, but whose travel is being reimbursed, partially or in full, by laboratory funds. Non-employees are usually Invited Guests, Retirees or Interviewees.  See Non-PPPL Employee Travel on the left for travel procedures specific to this group. 


Subcontractors are those individuals hired by PPPL to perform a specific task and are paid according to the agreed upon terms of their contract.  Information on the travel process for this sect can be found at the Subcontractor Travel menu to the left.