submit travel voucher and receipts upon return

For an overview of how vouchers are processed,  see the PDF iconTravel Voucher Flowchart then follow the step-by-step procedures below.  

checkmark smGather Your Receipts

  • Receipts must be submitted with clear documentation of the purpose of each expense.  Use this PDF iconchecklist to determine receipt requirements.
  • Original receipts are required for all expenses $50 and greater.
  • Submit all receipts with your Travel Voucher Form.
  • Lost receipts require a PDF iconmissing receipt affidavit form

checkmark smSubmit Your Travel Voucher Form

Travel Vouchers must be submitted within 30 working days of your trip return. Failure to submit a Travel Voucher within 60 days of your return may result in tax implications and a loss of PPPL travel reservation privileges until the outstanding voucher is satisfied.

  • View the Travel Voucher Training Module.
  • Complete the Travel Voucher Form
    Attach all original receipts and missing receipt affidavit form, if applicable.
  • Sign the Travel Voucher and submit to your cost center authorizer for approval and signature.
  • Submit all documents to the Travel Office for processing.

Any reimbursement requests outside of the travel policy will require justification and prior approval.  Please see Approval Chart for additional guidance.

For International Travelers Only

checkmark smSubmit Foreign Trip Report

  • Submit the PDF iconPPPL Foreign Travel Trip Report. This report must be completed for each foreign trip before additional international travel can be authorized. Reimbursements will not be processed without a foreign trip report.
  • The Travel Office or your department administrator can assist you.  Submit the report to the Travel Office ( and to Renee Sullivan, Accounting Travel Voucher Reimbursement Specialist.
  • Additional information on procedures for closing out your trip can be found in the menu to the left and in Post-Trip Requirements.

Travel Funded by Non-PPPL Organizations

When travel is sponsored by an organization other than PPPL,  reimbursement can be administered by either PPPL or the outside organization.  Review the instructions below for each situation.   Read more for additional information.

Reimbursement by PPPL

checkmark smSubmit Your Travel Voucher Form

  • View the Travel Voucher Training Module.
  • Complete the Travel Voucher Form.  Note that the expenses will be reimbursed by an outside entity and indicate which expenses should be billed to them.
  • Provide an invoice mailing address for the organization and the contact information.  Accounting will invoice the organization for the expenses.
  • If any funds were given directly to you, they need to be endorsed over to PPPL and the check attached to your Travel Voucher Form.  Provide a brief explanation if payment was made upon departure.

Reimbursement by Outside Organization

Travelers must repay any travel advances or direct payments issued by PPPL when reimbursements are paid directly to the traveler by another organization.  See Travel Supported by Non-PPPL Organizations for more information.

checkmark smSubmit Your Travel Voucher Form