During Your Trip

document incurred expenses and retain all receipts while traveling

​PPPL Allowable Costs and Expenses

Don't wait until you get home to sort through your receipts! It is strongly recommended that at the end of each day you itemize and document your allowable costs and expenses.

Meals and Incidentals (M&IE) Rates

Use these four links below to determine the rates and amounts allowed for meals and incidental expenses while traveling on PPPL business.

Phone Expenses

Travelers may be reimbursed for long distance personal telephone calls as follows (reimbursement maximums include line access charges and taxes):

  • A traveler on travel status for at least one night within the continental United States is allowed a maximum reimbursement for calls not to exceed $4.00 per day or $12.00 per week.
  • A traveler on travel status for at least one night outside the continental United States is allowed a maximum reimbursement for calls not to exceed $8.00 per day or $24.00 per week.
  • PPPL has cell phones, wireless devices and calling cards that may be available for individuals on travel.  Email your request to telecom@pppl,gov.
  • The use of Google Talk software is also an acceptable cost effective option. The use of Skype is not allowed without proper justification of business use.
  • For long term travel, please contact the telecommunications department for possible options.

Emergency Phone Calls

Personal calls made due to emergency situations may be reimbursed provided there is an adequate explanation on the Travel Voucher. 

  • This includes the use of air and train telephone service.

Internet Connection

PPPL travelers are encouraged to plan ahead and secure a broad band data card from the PPPL Telecommunications Group.

  • Internet access (e.g., hotel, airport, hotspot, etc.) is an allowable expense provided that the access is necessary for business purposes and not for personal use.

ATM Fees

  • Reimbursement of ATM fees for any credit/bank card will be permitted for trips with a duration of 3 days or more.
  • Withdrawals will be permitted at a rate of no more than one withdrawal every 7 days.  

​Any request exceeding those outlined here will require written justification and account signature approvals for more frequent withdrawals.

Travel Cancellation and Emergency Travel While on Business

PPPL travelers are responsible for canceling their own travel reservations.  Travelers who do not cancel their reservations in a timely manner will be responsible for any expenses incurred due to the cancellation. This requires travelers to understand the cancellation policies associated with their travel arrangements (airfare, hotel, rental car, and limousine). Travelers should familiarize themselves with the cancellation time frames for the vendors used for their travel arrangements.

  • If a business trip or the business portion of a combined personal/business trip is rescheduled or cancelled for PPPL business reasons, the associated business costs of the travel, including cancellation fees, are reimbursable to the traveler by submitting a Office spreadsheet iconTravel Voucher.
  • Emergency Travel is travel which results from:
    • the traveler becoming incapacitated by illness or injury not due to his/her own misconduct;
    • or the death or serious illness of a member of the traveler’s family;
    • or a catastrophic occurrence or impending disaster, such as fire, flood, or act of God, which directly affects the traveler’s home. 

         Go to Emergencies to arrange your travel needs if any of these types of situations occur.