Subcontractor Travel

Department Responsibilities

Departments are involved with several aspects of subcontractor travel:

The departments should identify in the Requisition/Scope of Work that subcontractor travel will be reimbursed by the laboratory. This allows Procurement to include the relevant travel clauses in the subcontract.  

If foreign travel will be reimbursed, the department administrative assistant/travel coordinator can work with the PPPL Travel Office to obtain prior DOE approval for the travel. The department will work with PPPL Travel Office to communicate this approval to the subcontractor.

When certifying an invoice, if travel costs are included, the certifier must have the costs reviewed and certified by the PPPL Travel Office prior to the certification. Any portion of travel costs that are not certified are to be deducted from the total invoice amount. The certifier requests a copy of the invoice from Disbursements. To obtain approval from the PPPL Travel Office, the certifier forwards a copy of the claimed travel expenses as detailed in the invoice to the PPPL Travel Office.

Subcontractor Responsibilities

Subcontractors must follow the travel guidelines in their contract agreement with PPPL. Subcontractors being reimbursed for PPPL business that is not through their contractual agreement must follow the guidelines in the PPPL Travel Manual. Begin with domestic or foreign travel depending on the location of your trip.

The subcontractor is responsible for complying with the travel terms and conditions of the subcontract, submitting a claim, and following Travel Reimbursement Quick Reference Guide, when Procurement has included applicable travel clauses in the subcontract.

Subcontractor Travel Guidelines Highlights

Procurement should refer to the Subcontractor Travel Guidelines when including any relevant travel clauses in the subcontract.  While employees responsible for individuals traveling under a subcontract should be familiar with the actual subcontract document(s), Business Operations understands that a high-level summary of the requirements may be helpful in guiding responsible employees and travelers. These guidelines serve as a high-level, quick reference tool highlighting the subcontract travel requirements with the intent of communicating the key facts quickly and succinctly.  Specific questions should be directed to the Travel Office prior to travel commencing.