Conference Services

Conference Services is another amenity provided by the PPPL Travel Office to assist you with professional and strategic conference planning  in a cost-effective manner and in compliance with DOE requirements.

Is your event a conference?

Use this PDF icontool to help you determine if your event is a conference.

Attending A Conference

The Department of Energy (DOE) has requirements and guidelines for participation in conferences and similar events.  The goal of these requirements is to ensure good stewardship and appropriate use of federal funds.  PPPL is required to report all anticipated conference activity for DOE and non-DOE sponsored conferences. See Attending a Conference for more information.

Planning/Hosting  A Conference

The PPPL Travel Office offers support in hosting any size event, both on-site as well as off-site. Services provided include a site selection analysis, cost estimate for the conference as well as a determination of a recommended registration fee. See Planning/Hosting a Conference for more information.

Conference Planning Tools

For your convenience, we have provided helpful tools and all the necessary forms needed to plan a successful conference.