Foreign Travel

Department of Energy and host country approvals as well as official notification from PPPL's Occupational Medicine Office (OMO) must be received before official foreign travel can take place.

All foreign travel must comply with the Fly America Act which is applicable to all travel paid by U.S. federal government funds and requires the use of "U.S. flag" airlines, with a few exceptions.

Follow the step-by-step procedures below for Foreign Travel.  For more detailed information, please refer to the Foreign Travel Policies/Procedures.

Foreign Travel Step-by-Step

checkmark smFollow Domestic Travel Procedures

All travelers are required to complete and submit the Office spreadsheet iconPPPL Travel Approval Form before taking a trip.  Follow the same procedures as Domestic Travel for filling out the form. See the next step for additional forms and approvals needed for foreign travel.

checkmark smSubmit Request for Approval of Foreign Travel (FTMS) 

Refer to the FTMS Flowchart to understand the foreign travel process. Official foreign travel must be approved by the Department of Energy (DOE) prior to making any travel arrangements. Official notification must also be received from PPPL's Occupational Medicine Office (OMO). Requests must be submitted to the PPPL Travel Office at least 30 days before traveling to non-sensitive countries and at least 40 days before traveling to sensitive countries.   More details can be found in the Travel Manual.

Complete your PDF iconFTMS form with the appropriate approvals. Instructions are located in the Forms tab or watch the Foreign Travel Management System (FTMS) Form Training Module. Approved FTMS forms must be entered into the Foreign Travel Management System (FTMS) by your authorized department administrator and also submitted to the PPPL Travel Office.

checkmark smTraining & Briefings

The PPPL Export Control Office (x3572) will contact you to coordinate proper export controls.  For more information, go to Export Control.  Export control training must be completed prior to travel.

DOE Counterintelligence Office may contact you for pre-travel briefings  and post-travel debriefs.  If you would like to request a meeting with the DOE Counterintelligence Office, contact the PPPL Travel Office.

checkmark smTake Your Trip

As with any travel for PPPL, you must maintain all expense records and receipts.  Reimbursements will be made in accordance with policy.  Please familiarize yourself with these requirements. A quick reference guide is provided for your convenience.


Travel Exceptions or Late Applications

Strong justification must be included on the FTMS form for approval of travel exceptions and late applications. More information can be found in section B of the Foreign Travel Policies/Procedures.

Trip Revisions and Changes

Any change in travel plans requires submission of a revised Office spreadsheet iconPPPL Travel Approval Request Form and PDF iconFTMS form for re-approval.  Learn more in Section C of the Foreign Travel Policies/Procedures.

Princeton University Travel SOS Program

If a medical/security crisis arises while you are traveling on PPPL business, contact Princeton University's Travel Assistance Program (SOS) which provides around-the-clock international medical and security assistance.

You must log on  and list your itinerary before you leave on your trip.  See International SOS Program for more information.

Regarding international health care coverage, all PPPL employees traveling internationally should be aware of the following:

  • Hospitals and physicians require payment in cash or by credit card at the time care is provided
  • Employees are able to seek reimbursement from their insurance carrier when they return to the US
  • Even if employees seek reimbursement when they return, they need to pay for services out of pocket while they are abroad
  • Purchasing international health care coverage may enable the traveler to obtain medical care, at certain facilities, without large financial outlay prior to treatment.  More information can be found with our preferred insurer, HTH Worldwide