Ground & Air Transportation

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

PPPL travelers are expected to use the most cost efficient means to reach their destination.   All transportation expenses must be deemed reasonable and adhere to the policies specific for that method of travel.  Detailed information can be found in the Travel Arrangements section of the Travel Manual.

Air Travel

Before booking domestic or international flights, PPPL travelers should review all steps under the Air Travel section.  Questions on advance ticket purchase, type of carriers available,  and use of membership clubs are addressed.  Foreign flights require additional considerations for which careful attention should be paid.  

Train or Bus

Traveling by train or bus to your destination may be a viable option for some.  As with air travel, the most economical accommodations must be chosen whether traveling domestically or abroad.  Look under Train or Bus for more information on the proper way to use these transportation channels.      


There are a variety of ways that you may travel by vehicle including automobile rentals, use of a government vehicle or driving your own car.  Learn more on procedures, reimbursements and insurance coverage under the Vehicles section of Transportation.