Hotels & Lodging

Things You Need To Know


  • PPPL travelers may stay at a lodging of their choice where costs fall within the federal per diem rates.  
  • Lodging with family and/or friends is permitted. Travelers will receive an M&IE allowance but must deduct any meals provided by the host.
  • Every attempt should be made to find lodging at your business location.   If that is not possible, PPPL Travel will use the maximum per diem rate for the location where lodging is secured.


  • Costs must fall within the limits of the federal per diem rates or for conference travel, within the set hotel cost cap. Hotel rooms should be standard rooms only.  Exceptions need prior approval from PPPL Travel.
  • PPPL Travel guarantees all reservations for late arrival.  
  • The traveler is responsible for managing the cancellation process and will be liable for any no show fees or late cancellation fees.
  • If the hotel rate exceeds the previously established cost cap, travelers making their own reservations for conferences/meetings will be responsible for the cost difference. 
  •  Travelers must either pay their lodging bill or obtain a detailed receipt when checking out, if the room was billed to PPPL.


  • Lodging expenses are reimbursable,  within the federal per diem rates (excluding taxes), while traveling on laboratory business.  Exceptions to this rule and justifications needed can be found in the Hotels & Lodging section of the Travel Manual.  
  • Reimbursement for hotel stays within 50 miles of your home require justification and proper approvals prior to travel.  
  • Approval authority for all these exceptions can be found in the Approval Chart.  
  • Lodging costs which exceed federal per diem rates by more than 300%  will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Rate Guidelines (Non-Contract Funds Only)

  • For those travelers using non-contract funds, refer to the Travel Manual for guidelines on maximum nightly rates by location.