Domestic Travel

obtain estimates and necessary approvals before you travel

checkmark smTravel Approval Form

You must complete a Travel Approval Form, obtain proper approvals and submit the form to the Travel Office for review prior to your trip.  Use the steps below as your guide.

checkmark smPlan Your Trip

Use the menu options on the left to help you plan your trip.  Consider the following:

  • Travel Destination
  • Mode(s) of transportation (to your destination as well as during your stay)
  • Lodging and Meals​

checkmark smEstimate your costs

In order to obtain approval for your trip, estimated expenses must be submitted.  Think about the following questions when estimating your costs and use the menu on the left to help answer these questions.

  • Will you be traveling by air, train, bus or auto, and will you be renting a vehicle? See Transportation for help.
  • How many days is your trip? The length of your trip and per diem rate will be the basis for your hotel and meal estimates.  Refer to Hotels & Lodging for assistance.
  • What other expenses will you incur? (e.g.- parking, gas, tolls, mileage, etc.)

Detailed explanations of the requirements can be found in the Travel Manual under Travel Arrangements and Pre-Trip Planning.

checkmark smObtain Approvals

The answers given above will determine what level of approval you will need for your trip. Standard approval is the Authorized Account Signatory for the cost centers being charged. Any modifications, deviations or exceptions to travel plans will need additional approvals. See the Approval Chart for required approval levels.

Submit your completed form to the Travel Office via fax, email or in person for final review.

checkmark smTake Your Trip

As with any travel for PPPL, you must maintain all expense records and receipts.  Reimbursements will be made in accordance with policy.  Please familiarize yourself with these requirements. A quick reference guide is been provided for your convenience.

Additional Information

 Laboratory Owned Equipment

If traveling with a laboratory owned laptop, you must log in to the Property Pass Management System and obtain a property pass before you travel.

All other laboratory owned equipment that will be used on your trip must be shipped to your destination. Contact the PPPL Shipping Office (x3572) or login to the Shipping Requisition On-line System to complete a shipping request form.  Notification must be received in the Shipping Office at least two weeks before your travel date.

Travel Advances

Travel advances are generally not provided except for limited circumstances.  A justification must be provided along with department or division head approval.  Advances not accounted for, after a reasonable time, will need to be charged to the non-contract fund account managed by your Department Head.   See Travel Advances in the PPPL Travel Manual for more information.

Office spreadsheet iconPPPL Travel Voucher forms submitted more than 60 calendar days after receiving a travel advance must include justification for the delay.  Approval will be at the discretion of the CFO or Head of Accounting and the travel advance amount  may be reported as taxable income to the IRS. See Tax Considerations for more information.