Conference Travel

All planned conference attendance must be coordinated with the Travel Office. Conference Attendance Request Form must be submitted to the PPPL Travel Office at least 6 months prior to the early registration date. No expenses may be incurred until the conference is approved by the Travel Office.

Follow the step-by-step procedures below for Conference Travel.  For more detailed information, please refer to Conference Policies/Procedures.

checkmark smDetermine Meeting Status: Conference or Not

Always define whether your meeting is considered a conference.  Refer to PDF iconConference Exclusions to determine your meeting status.

If your meeting fits any of the criteria under Conference Exclusions, it is not considered a conference; follow the travel procedures for domestic or foreign travel.  If your meeting does not fit the exclusion conditions, it is considered a conference; proceed to Submit Event Request Form to PPPL Travel below.

If you are uncertain about the status of your meeting, contact PPPL Travel Office for assistance.

checkmark smSubmit Conference Request Form to PPPL Travel

The PDF iconConference Request Form must be submitted for all conferences you wish to attend. One form may be used for multiple attendees.

checkmark smSubmit Conference Registration Form to PPPL Travel

Complete and submit your conference registration form with your event request form.  If the conference requires a registration fee, DOE will only reimburse for early registration fees.  More information on conference registration can be found in the Travel Manual.

checkmark smFollow Domestic Travel Procedures

Upon receiving authorization to attend the conference from PPPL Travel Office, follow the travel procedures in Domestic Travel.  For conferences held outside of the country, additional travel procedures, located under Foreign Travel, must also be followed.

checkmark sm  Attend Your Conference

As with any travel for PPPL, you must maintain all expense records and receipts.  Reimbursements will be made in accordance with policy.  Please familiarize yourself with these requirements. A quick reference guide is provided for your convenience.

Additional Information

Conference Presentations

Presentations must be approved by your department head prior to submission.  Please refer to the Travel Manual for approval procedures for presentations and patent clearance information.  

Late Registration or Substitute Attendee

Contact PPPL Travel Office as soon as possible for assistance and guidance regarding attendance at a conference after the DOE lock-out date or to arrange a substitution for a previously approved traveler.